Week 8 Rugger of the Week: Jeremy Smith

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Name: Jeremy Smith

Home Town: Nashua, NH




Position:Scrum-half, Fly-half, Center, Wing

Year of school: Junior

Major/Minor/Concentration:Criminal Justice, concentration in Homeland Security


I really hadn’t played an organized sport since sophomore year of high school and I wanted something new to try. I transferred to Da U my sophomore year of college and I wanted to get more involved in some sort of community on campus. Also, my mom refused to let me play football, so I had always wanted to try some sort of contact sport. And while I was searching for schools to transfer to I noticed the rugby team here, which played into part of the reason I came.


One of the best things I get from this sport I’m able to constantly challenge myself. The first challenge for everyone is figuring out how the hell to play this crazy sport and not really knowing until you play your first game. And it’s a constant challenge of figuring out how to develop techniques, become a smart and quick thinking player, and still keep learning how to play the game.


I think one of the things I really learned from rugby is to be successful you have to be prepared for anything. In my case, I’m not the best player in any position, but I get playing time from being solid at many different positions. In my short career I’ve had only a handful of starts, but coming off the bench I’ve play at every back position, and the playing time I get comes from being adaptable and ready to either call the plays at fly-half or run like hell at wing.


Currently I’m the president of the club it’s been a learning experience of its own. In the course of a few months I had to switch from the mindset of just focusing on practicing and preparing for the game every week, to now thinking about the big picture of the club and everything that goes on behind the scenes to make it to game day. While it’s a lot to think about and work on, it has helped me become more open minded and steadily become a better problem solver.


When I graduate I’d like to work for the DHS. I’m not quite sure what exactly I want to do. I have interests in emergency management, crime analysis, and security so there is a lot of things I’d be happy doing. Even though law enforcement typically has odd hours, I’d still like to fit rugby in my schedule somehow when I’m older by playing, coaching, or reffing.


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