UML Undefeated in 7’s Tournament

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

This Past Weekend Rugby Northeast held its inaugural 7’s tournament.  When you look at the UML roster you would not think that we could put together a highly competitive 7’s team. However through hard work and our brotherhood we were able to accomplish this. At the tournament UML was the only team to bring out a crowd it was 1 hour away yet we had close to 30 guys there 15 of which knew that they would never play in the tournament.  When we hit the pitch the noise was deafening from the crowd everybody was  just going crazy. This energy never stopped all day and gave the players an undeniable advantage over other teams. The team went undefeated all day and in pool play never once trailed. We had guys step and play in their first Aside game ever and contribute in huge fashion. The heart displayed by all the guys during the day was amazing. We had people playing with all kinds of injuries but not once did somebody say they couldn’t play. That willingness to sacrifice the body for the greater good was the theme of the day. The style of play we used  was not fancy or tricky instead it was typical UML rugby, Run straight, Run hard, Tackle. Those three skills won us the tournament. Other teams were more skilled than us but none had the discipline to play good rugby. The faith in leadership was amazing all day we lacked our coaches but not once did we look disorganized or unprepared. Instead we were the only team to take advantage of the fields and use them to warm up on and sequestered ourselves away from the other teams and the focus that gave us could have only resulted in one outcome. The championship match was the most hard fought game all day, at half time we trailed 7-0. During half time there was no finger pointing or blaming yet instead something happened guys began to help each other and a fire was ignited that we used to power us to victory. We scored almost immediately after half time however a missed conversion made it a necessity that we score again. In the final minute of game play our wing broke the line and was brought down through a vicious horse collar. This resulted in a penalty try because he clearly was going on to score. We never gave up and displayed amazing energy and heart. CHAMPS


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