Preview Spring Season 2012

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Winter Break is over and its time to get back to rucking. As we look forward a big spring season there are lot of new things happening with the team. We are creating some new leadership roles to get more people involved in the team. We are entering a new realm of recruiting, we are the first club in UML history to sit down with admissions and discuss a recruiting plan. We are going to organize high school visits and try to introduce young people to the Brotherhood that is UML rugby. The direction that this club is heading towards is one of professionalism and Brotherhood that can not be found in any place except a family. This team is the closest thing anybody will get to having a second family and we are trying to show people that it is more than a sport or a club but it is a way of life. Once you step onto the pitch for the first time you realize that there are 14 other people ready to kill for you. That is a powerful feeling and something that no other sport can give. This is the message that we are conveying to people in UML and to the younger people looking for a college to attend. Our spring schedule has some big games on it we are playing UConn a division 1 team and a men’s club. This is a chance for our club to step up and show the rugby world what it means to play DA U.


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