UML Rugby enters the 21st century

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

So as the team begins to gain more respect on campus many people have been asking me to make a website.This is my first foray into website design but this website will serve to better the team and help us meet our goals . Our goals are simple we want to gain the respect and funding that we deserve. Doing all of this through winning a Rugby Northeast Championship. We have just moved up to division 2 and are apart of the Rugby Northeast league.  This league was just formed last year as part of the new USA Rugby initiative to mirror other NCAA sports. This is the way of the future for rugby, and we are at the start of it. We will continue to strive to be at the cutting edge of the rugby movement in the USA. Also be on the look as a lot of things will be added and changed in the coming days and weeks.

 Seth Barron –UML Rugby Vice President

  1. Josh Smith says:

    Great work boys, program is moving in the right direction.

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